New Student Enrollment


  • You have just moved into Fremont 25 boundaries

  • You are a transfer from another school outside of Fremont 25 boundaries

  • You have received variance approval from Fremont 25 school district to attend school within Fremont 25 boundaries

  • You have never attended any schools within the Fremont 25 boundaries

Registration and Proof of Residency Building Procedures

Students who attend school at Fremont County School District 25 must reside within its boundaries unless they have been approved for enrollment through out-of-district procedures. Application for Enrollment Transfer of Non-Resident Student . Parents registering a child for the first time, or parents who have changed residence since registering, will need to verify that their child still resides within the Fremont 25 school district boundaries.

To be considered a resident of the district the student and their parents or legally appointed guardian with whom the student lives must have their primary residence (the place they stay the majority of nights) within the boundaries of the district. If there is a district concern or question regarding the primary residence, the parent or guardian will be required to sign an affidavit in regard to the primary residence and cooperate with any further district inquiry. 

At the time of registration, parents must present current documents from each category below. ORIGINAL documentation is required. Post Office boxes do not meet residency requirements as only street addresses are accepted.

The following Documents from #1 are required and parents must provide additional documentation from either #2 or #3 so satisfy proof of residency requirements. 

  1. One of the following original documents:

  • Current Property Tax Bill with parent/ guardian’s name and property address

  • Current Rental or Lease agreement with parent/guardian’s name and property address

  • Document related to the purchase of the residence with parent/guardian’s name and property address

  1. Current state of Wyoming Driver’s license or other government issued ID with updated address showing current residency.

  2. Mail from two of the following sources dated within 60 days prior to the submission of the application:

  • Social Security Administration

  • Wyoming state government agencies

  • Utility companies

  • Credit card bill

  • Financial institutions

4. Complete the online registration form: